Yardley PA houses for sale boasts this charming Bucks County historic home! One gem in the many Yardley PA homes for sale
One Saint James Place has a Unique History on Yardley PA Houses for Sale

Built in 1948, One Saint James Place is situated on almost a ½ acre parcel lot which was previously a nursery for plants and trees.  The family that originally owned this home insisted on the finest of craftsmanship, including 18” thick walls, 2 x 12 construction on outside walls, Langhorne stone exterior, and a 200+ year life slate roof.  When the original owners moved on, they donated the house to the Grey Nun Society, who then sold it to a local Trenton Realtor. 

The Realtor was eager to get the most out of the property so put in some fast updates and tried to sell; however, savvy buyers could see through the inexpensive choices made by the realty company and the home sat on the market for over a year. 

In 1988, a local Yardley resident, who had his eye on the property for some time, bought One Saint James Place with his wife.  He did some mandatory maintenance and then, in 2001, became inspired to totally renovate the first floor bathroom to which he spared no expense.  He replaced the 1940’s wall, floor, and shower tile with marble, upgraded all fixtures, and replaced the window with a Pella.

In February of 2002, a young couple with their children drove through the streets of Yardley seeking a home.  They traveled through a charming, mature tree-lined street called Saint James Place and stopped a couple taking a leisurely walk.  On the spot, the man decided he was going to sell his home, but told them they’d have to wait a year for it.  The couple jotted down the address and drove past.

From the outside, the home sat regally like a small castle.  Its stateliness was punctuated by thick stone and a dramatic slate roof.   Buying this home was a “no brainer” to the couple, even if it meant cramming into a two-bedroom apartment for nine months!

When the family moved in, they realized that One Saint James Place needed lots of cosmetics and updating and were determined to put only the best in this lovely home.

Little by little, One Saint James Place became the miniature castle it deserved to be.  Every year, tens of thousands of dollars were invested in the home, bringing attention to the warmth and charm that was screaming to be noticed.  Room by room, both inside and out, Benjamin Moore colors were carefully chosen to cover fading paint.  The fresh look only served to accentuate the stone fireplace, curved walls, and grand archways.  The “sweeping” steps are a true classic of the era.  Low risers and deep treads, these stairs have three more steps than a standard staircase.  This theme is carried into the basement, and already framed-in for a third sweeping staircase which could lead up to the 15’ high attic space.

As worn rugs were ripped out to reveal gorgeous, slim-width oak hardwood floors, the home's true character was beginning to shine through.  In the Princess Suite, the pristine slate roof was cut so that a Velux Cabrio balcony skylight could be installed, allowing the brilliant sunshine to permeate the room.  Outside, a metal awning and wooden railing were torn down to allow a 520-square foot TimberTech deck in its place.  At every turn, you will see the beauty of this home, coupled with years of hard work, labor, and top quality maintenance.   


Yardley PA has easy access to Princeton, is minutes from the Trenton train station, 1 mile from the trains to center city, and a perfect commute to New York or Philadelphia. More Bucks County real estate can be found on Realtor.com.

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